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Hypocritical Hayride Heads Here Again

America’s hypocritical political hayride heads to Washington, D.C. again. After spending like drunken sailors while in power, Congressional Republicans announced the party’s over – once Democrats gained control. At least President Biden and VP Harris showed the courtesy to meet with GOP senators and hear them out.

The GOP enabled former President Trump to increase U.S. budget deficits by $7.7 TRILLION, during his single four-year term, while they controlled the Senate (and House, his first two years). A lion’s share was caused by massive tax cuts, mostly benefitting corporations and the wealthy.

Now, within DAYS of Biden’s term, Republicans suddenly “found religion”, becoming fiscally-responsible stewards.

Same ole’, same ole’. Deficits have increased MOST in recent years under GOP presidents, but Republicans have mastered tagging Democrats as the “tax and spend party” (implying they’re raising deficits).

Democrats could label Republicans as just the “spend party”, since they spend wildly while CUTTING taxes at the same time. They could repeat that mantra constantly (as the GOP does successfully), until voters remember it. Apparently, that idea hasn’t occurred to Democratic leadership.

Trump himself, while president, trumpeted the need to send most Americans an additional $1400 in pandemic assistance, and Biden supports that idea – a rarity, something they agree on. But Republicans, post-Trump, had an epiphany: that would be fiscally irresponsible (along with other parts of Biden’s relief package).

Strange, since they typically kowtowed to Trump’s every whim, trying not to anger his fanatical base – and many still do. But apparently, resisting Biden and Democrats now overrules most Republicans’ four-year surrender of long-held principles (and everything else) to Trump’s unfocused, chaotic demands.

The GOP preaches fiscal conservatism as a core belief – until they’re in power, when it suddenly doesn’t matter anymore. Same thing happened when Ronald Reagan was president, then George W Bush, then Trump. Whenever they gain control of those precious purse-strings, Republicans don’t like to be bounded by silly things like principles, prudence or practicality. No sir, it’s time to PARTY!

Then when Democrats gain power, the hangover begins, and it’s time to stop spending so much.

But we’re in the midst of a COVID-fueled health and economic crisis, worsened by four years of Trump’s mismanagement, and strong measures are needed.

Moderates are wise to your game, GOP; and after this crisis is finally over, we’d prefer BOTH parties engage in more fiscally-responsible governing. We’re concerned about our national debt, as we are our own personal debt. We manage it carefully, understanding when we spend more than we have, we must pay interest – increasing dramatically the cost of whatever we’re buying. And eventually, loans must be repaid. Which generation will have to pay for OUR borrowing; our kids’ or grandkids’?

Simple financial management, right? But apparently, it’s easier now for the GOP to ride that hypocritical hayride, trying to please those Republicans who did NOT sacrifice long-held GOP principles at the altar of Trump (or suddenly honored them again, once he was gone). The rest of us, moderate in temperament and finance, want to get off that hayride and see our beloved country managed in more consistent, prudent ways.



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