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What We Believe

Welcome to The Modern Moderate, a home for political Moderates – who have strong, passionate political beliefs. In the past, “Moderate” was seen as apathetic or spineless. We MODERN Moderates are neither. We hold our beliefs firmly and confidently, and we are not afraid to express and act on those beliefs.

Here, then, are some of them:

  • America is, and always has been, great. Not perfect, but great. Not because politicians declared it so (or no longer so) – but because Americans of good will, from different parties, backgrounds, and faiths, worked TOGETHER to do what made her great – and keep her that way.
  • Solutions to political challenges facing America will be found in the MIDDLE, not the extremes of Left or Right. Therefore, compromise is not a dirty word, for philosophical AND practical reasons. Philosophically, we are willing to acknowledge value in others’ beliefs – and to respect them. Practically, we recognize if both sides don’t compromise, there will be no sustainable solutions. The political pendulum will swing back and forth, with measures enacted by the party in power rescinded later by the other.
  • Fellow Americans holding different beliefs should NOT be demonized or attacked. Freedom of speech is a cornerstone of our democracy; so we should welcome honest, informed debate on issues. We’ve seen enough sideshow, controversy, and gossip masquerading as political news, but we are open to factual, thoughtful arguments from all sides.
  • The media is NOT “the enemy of the people”. Freedom of the press is another U.S. cornerstone. Collectively, the media reports information that citizens of a democracy need to know (the Watergate scandal in the Nixon era, uncovered by determined journalists, for example). We demand honest, accurate reporting from media, but we support their unrestrained right to pursue that. The threat of violence or intimidation aimed at our free press is unacceptable.
  • Neither major political party is above reproach, sadly; and both have helped create the stalemate that paralyzes our country, unable to resolve the vexing issues we face.
  • The belief that “government is the problem”, as a former President once declared, is inaccurate. “The government”, after all, is made up mostly of fellow Americans trying their best to HELP us; they work for the military, Social Security Administration, Postal Service, FEMA, Air Traffic Control, and many other agencies serving and protecting us. They do not deserve scorn and ridicule from politicians trying to scapegoat them to score cheap political points.
  • Following laws, rules and regulations are necessary concessions we agree to make in a civilized society. Those concessions are justified by our collective desire to be safe, healthy, and fair, so we elect governments to enact and enforce them. From speed limits and prohibitions on drunk driving; to food handling and processing rules; to air, water, and wildlife protections; to prohibitions on discrimination – these are covenants we make with each other for the good of all.
  • Science is, well, scientific. Defined as “dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged”, science is based on provable, logical knowledge. We reject politicians’ attempts to ignore, deny or vilify it simply because it is inconvenient — or it costs money – to accept its findings.

Finally, in these intensely divisive times, we believe Modern Moderates must join forces, respectfully debating issues and seeking compromise solutions – because our politicians aren’t doing that. Further, we must ACT on our beliefs, such as participating in all elections. If we don’t, we will lose the heart and soul of our beloved country to those who don’t share these beliefs; and that would be tragic, indeed. So please, join us NOW.

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