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Troubled By Trust For Trump

Some supporters say they recognized Trump’s shortcomings, but supported him anyway, because they favored his results (like conservative judges). Stuns the rest of us – like saying the guy down the street is a child molester; but he gives us nice gifts, so we ignore that. It’s hard to accept that someone you supported betrayed your trust. But we believe he betrayed you – and our country. Unlike Trump’s accusations, we base ours on evidence.

What True Patriots Do – And Don’t Do

Remain vigilant, Moderates, for anything suspicious, wherever you are, for the foreseeable future. All 50 states have been warned about potential violence. If you “see something, say something” to law enforcement. Then let’s DO what we’ve always done as patriotic Americans: disagree (sometimes passionately) on issues – but UNITE to preserve and protect our fragile democracy.

Proud of That?

All Trump enablers bear some responsibility for this riot, since they emboldened him to make inflammatory accusations. But on this terrible day of reckoning, some stiffened their spines and FINALLY did the right thing. Sadly, after four years of Trump, that’s the best we can hope for. Proud of that, America?

Georgia On My Mind – And America’s

Georgians must decide: vote for slick, insider politicians like Loeffler and Perdue, continuing Trump-style chaos? Or resist it by voting for newcomers Warnock and Ossoff? Moderates, VOTE on January 5th. You, like Georgia, are on America’s mind – and you might decide this election.
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