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Changing of the Guard

My skin isn’t thick enough to endure criticism trailblazers like Harris, Pelosi, Gandhi, Meir, and Thatcher have had to suffer; but I have been inspired to follow in their footsteps, in my own ways. As Harris told Marie Claire magazine, “I want [young] women to know, you are powerful and your voice matters." Amen, Sisters. Amen.

The More Things Don’t Change…But Might

What’s needed to resolve this issue, once and for all? One, politicians with courage, standing up to extremists in their parties blocking compromise solutions, such as this one. Two, Americans accepting reality, actively supporting legislators who compromise with the other side. Too much to hope for?  Maybe, at least with extremists on both ends of our political spectrum.  But the rest of us, especially Modern Moderates, must embrace compromise as our only hope – and DEMAND it from our leaders.
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