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The Greatest Generation or The Greediest Generation? You Decide

Scientists who know what they’re talking about (unlike many politicians), insist our only hope – until a cure and vaccine are found – remains social distancing and wearing masks in public. Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) declared, “When you wear a mask, you say ‘I respect the nurses and doctors… the essential workers… and YOU’.” If only these Whiners shared that regard for others. The rest of us must decide: whose example do we follow – The Greatest Generation or The Greediest Generation?

The Time to Speak Up Was Yesterday – The Time to Act Is Now

Clearly, we must immediately start focusing on smart energy and grid modernization to confront climate change. Using metal straws, shunning plastic bags, and “reducing, reusing and recycling” are helpful; but smart energy combats climate change much faster, at a much larger scale. Let’s employ ALL these weapons to win this war.

What’s The Modern Moderate All About, Anyway?

TMM was recently told, by a Progressive, The Modern Moderate is too conservative. A Conservative-leaning Moderate said TMM seems too progressive. So we’re where we want to be – in the middle. If both sides are complaining, you’re somewhere between them. TMM was asked if we’re a Democratic Party blog. The answer is, emphatically, NO. Then why have we criticized President Trump and Republicans so much in recent months?
Photograph: José Luis Magaña/AP

Abortion Restrictions in the COVID-19 World

Regardless of your position on abortion, a woman’s right to choose is still the law of the land in America…or so we thought. The abortion wars between pro-life and pro-choice forces continue unabated. Now the COVID-19 crisis is providing new ammunition for pro-life proponents.
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