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The Greatest Generation or The Greediest Generation? You Decide

During World War II, Americans united to fight the enemy. Many made the ultimate sacrifice. This Moderate’s father served in the Army; we’re proud of him and ALL veterans. Civilians also sacrificed, supporting our military wholeheartedly.

Their selfless efforts earned this title: The Greatest Generation.

By contrast, some Americans’ selfish efforts today earn a different title: The Greediest Generation.

Like President Trump, they’re narcissistic, dismissive of Coronavirus deaths.

These Whiners with Weapons protest because…

Their favorite bars, barber shops and malls are temporarily closed, and they’re asked to wear masks?

Agreed, job losses are agonizing. TMM sympathizes with all unemployed Americans and respects their desire to work. We all want everything back to normal – when it’s safe. But rushing that will likely WORSEN our losses.

Protestors and supporters are a distinct minority, but they’ve received outsized media coverage and influence with wobbly politicians. Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH), who TMM previously praised for crisis leadership, rescinded a statewide order to wear masks, calling it “a bridge too far”.

Protestors DO have the right to protest. But brandishing long guns, intimidating opponents; swastikas; nooses (one hanging a doll); threatening signs (“Hang Fauci. Hang Gates” and “Sacrifice the Weak”); Confederate flags; and a replica of an Auschwitz prison-camp sign – IS a bridge too far. Significantly, many carried Trump-Pence signs.

Trump emboldened demonstrators, tweeting “Liberate Michigan” (even though they were protesting HIS administration’s guidelines), calling them “very good people”. So much for presidential leadership.

Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI), stood tall, maintaining restrictions (trying to save them from themselves) – and received death threats.

Apparently, staying home temporarily and wearing masks are unbearable – even to defeat an enemy that has killed nearly 100,000 Americans. Despite Trump’s “we have prevailed” boast, we have the world’s highest death count. With 4% of the world’s population, we’ve suffered 30% of pandemic fatalities.

During World War II, the U.S. rationed goods our military needed. Americans were limited, or prohibited, from purchasing:

  • Sugar, meat, butter, milk, coffee;
  • Gasoline, oil, tires, automobiles;
  • Shoes, stoves, typewriters;
  • Penicillin.

Companies couldn’t sell radios, TVs, refrigerators, vacuums, and washing machines to civilians.

A 35-mph speed limit was imposed, saving fuel and tires. Auto racing and sightseeing were banned.

Good luck telling today’s Whiners they can’t buy stuff, drive places (fast), or watch races. Prepare for riots.

Anyone who has endured a two-year-old’s temper recognizes these tantrums: Don’t tell ME what to do! Only difference is, toddlers have toy guns, not real ones.

No one likes being told what to do. But most, realizing it’s for the good of all, comply anyway – like The Greatest Generation.

We ALL value our freedoms. But what freedoms are protestors demanding? Freedom to get sick and die? Freedom to infect others? That’s where your freedom ends and ours begins.

If only protestors got sick and died, call it poetic justice – or evolutionary culling of the herd? Sadly, though, they endanger EVERYBODY, especially the elderly and vulnerable.

Scientists who know what they’re talking about (unlike many politicians), insist our only hope – until a cure and vaccine are found – remains social distancing and wearing masks in public.

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) declared, “When you wear a mask, you say ‘I respect the nurses and doctors… the essential workers… and YOU’.”

If only these Whiners shared that regard for others. The rest of us must decide: whose example do we follow – The Greatest Generation or The Greediest Generation?

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