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Deep in the Hate of Texas

Several times in recent history (including November, 2020, when Biden defeated Trump to become President), some go-it-alone Texans have threatened to secede from the U.S.A. Facing BILLIONS of dollars in losses, they won’t threaten that now. But with the rest of us facing the costly prospect of bailing them out for their arrogant mistakes, maybe WE should offer this age-old (paraphrased) advice: Don’t let the door hit you on your cowboy-hat-holding, outstretched hand on your way out.

Climate Change Visionaries

Respect for science is one of TMM's Basic Beliefs. Moderates, and all other humans, owe the climate-science pioneers described in this Guest Blog a debt of gratitude - along with citizen-scientists, activists and educators like George S. Turner (author of the blog), who continue studying climate change and informing all of us about it. Without them, our collective knowledge of climate change would have evolved much later – meaning it would have taken us even longer to understand (and eventually, reach consensus) that it is real, accelerating – and dangerous.

Hypocritical Hayride Heads Here Again

America’s hypocritical political hayride heads to Washington, D.C. again. After spending like drunken sailors while in power, Congressional Republicans announced the party’s over – once Democrats gained control. At least President Biden and VP Harris showed the courtesy to meet with GOP senators and hear them out.
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