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NOW Who’s Willing to “Pull the Plug on Grandma”?

We should ask today’s protestors, demonstrating against Coronavirus restrictions, the same question. They want restrictions loosened or eliminated, but many health experts warn COVID-19 could rebound, spreading rapidly. Our seniors would be among the most vulnerable. So Grandma (and Grandpa) would have the plug pulled on them – sacrificed to perpetuate the conspiracy theory that Coronavirus is a media or Democratic hoax. Even after 58,000 U.S. deaths (more than in the Vietnam War), some true believers still buy that myth.

Happy Earth Day, 2020

April 22 marks the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.  This year, tree huggers and concerned citizens around the world will come together, virtually, to commemorate this milestone, celebrate our precious planet and bring awareness to challenges it faces. As has been typical for 50 years, the Earth has seen some victories and setbacks this past year.

Heroes and Angels Praised by All Americans – Except One

Finally, something we can (almost) all agree on: We have heroes and angels among us, thank God. Front-line warriors in the Coronavirus siege – risking their own lives, showing amazing courage and compassion – qualify for that title. Medical personnel, first responders, drivers and supermarket workers delivering and stocking essential goods, among others, deserve our appreciation.

Trump (FINALLY) Admits Coronavirus’ Magnitude – What Took Him So Long?

Giving credit where due, President Trump (FINALLY) admitted COVID-19 is serious, and more deadly, than he thought – with 100,000 U.S. deaths predicted and 240,000 possible. Trump claims he knew how bad it was: “I knew it could be horrible, and I knew it could be, maybe, good. I want to give people a feeling of hope.” (March 31) Moderates prefer presidents tell us the truth, then how TOGETHER we’ll deal with it.

Coronavirus Crisis Reveals True Trump – Part Three

Crises reveal leaders’ true character. Think former President Harry Truman (D-MO), with a sign on his desk: “The Buck Stops Here”. He accepted his responsibility to make tough decisions – and stand by them. Now think President Trump, asked about the slow distribution of test kits during the COVID-19 crisis: “No, I don’t take responsibility at all.” Instead, he blamed former President Obama (his favorite scapegoat when things go badly).
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