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NOW Who’s Willing to “Pull the Plug on Grandma”?

In 2009, GOP opposition to Democrats’ health-care overhaul was feverish – although Obamacare was based on ideas originally proposed by Republicans. Agitator Sarah Palin claimed (with no evidence) Obamacare’s “death panels” would decide “who would live or die”. Actually, she was referring to proposed end-of-life counselors who would assist dying patients’ loved ones. Her mischaracterization was an early example of what the Trump administration calls “alternative facts”.

Palin would bellow to right-wing crowds, “Who’s gonna’ pull the plug on Grandma?”

We should ask today’s protestors, demonstrating against Coronavirus restrictions, the same question. They want restrictions loosened or eliminated, but many health experts warn COVID-19 could rebound, spreading rapidly.

Our seniors would be among the most vulnerable. So Grandma (and Grandpa) would have the plug pulled on them – sacrificed to perpetuate the conspiracy theory that Coronavirus is a media or Democratic hoax. After 58,000 U.S. deaths (more than in the Vietnam War), some true believers still buy that myth.

One protestor complained, “it’s not fair to the rest of us who don’t have Coronavirus”. What kind of “fairness” do they want – the kind that allows them to infect themselves, each other and eventually, the rest of us?

Protestors’ and supporters’ numbers are small; polls show 10 – 15% of Americans agree with them. An overwhelming majority (including most Republicans) do not. But what they lack in numbers, they try to make up with firepower, demonstrating while heavily armed.

They argue auto accidents, even swimming pools, kill more Americans every year than Coronavirus; so it’s no big deal. Dr. Phil, TV shrink (and Fox News hack), decried swimming pools killing 350,000 annually. His claim exaggerated the actual number by 90%, landing in the “alternative facts” category.

Not surprisingly, protests were largest in states with Democratic governors. President Trump encouraged protestors, tweeting “Liberate Michigan” (and Minnesota and Virginia). States with Republican governors – and similar restrictions (like Ohio and Maryland) – were spared his cheerleading.

Trump should have tweeted “Liberate Coronavirus”, since granting protestors’ demands would accomplish that.

One demonstrator waved his sign: “We will not acquiescence!” Nice try, using big words to look smart. Might look smarter if you used the verb instead of the noun in that sentence.

Why were protestors heavily armed?

One reason: many demonstrations are organized by pro-gun advocates, including leaders of the Tea Party, John Birch Society and Heritage Foundation, according to Associated Press.

The main reason: to intimidate those who disagree. Carrying concealed weapons in public is one thing, but marching around with long guns sends an unmistakable message.

Moderates, is attempting to silence fellow citizens with different views American or un-American? You decide.

One American who wasn’t intimidated was a Phoenix, AZ nurse, profiled in USA Today.

After volunteering to treat COVID patients, witnessing many deaths, she counter-protested.

Protestors ridiculed her (must be a “hired actress”) and taunted her (must be a dental or abortion nurse, irrelevant or despicable). One angrily shoved an American flag in her face.

Clearly, these protestors – and Trump, who encouraged them – are willing to disrespect those who are risking their lives to protect all of us.

TMM commented previously on unappreciated medical heroes.

Moderates, is disrespecting medical angels acceptable? You decide.

True leaders try to UNIFY America in times of crisis. True politicians try to DIVIDE us for political gain.

Moderates, has Trump been a true leader, or a true politician, during this crisis? You decide – especially this November.



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  1. It is time for moderates to get to work. Don’t let a small vocal minority control the narrative. Go to Mobilize America and sign up for an event in your area. There are many virtual opportunities. Get to work now contacting voters to volunteer and to enroll in Vote by Mail. Start building our coalition now. The fall will be too late.

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