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Profiles in Courage – And Chaos

Donald Trump keeps confirming his place in history: the most divisive, destructive U.S. President ever. Trump’s divisiveness has been on full display since Election Day. Like a teenager with anger issues who cannot accept losing, Trump has flailed around with unsubstantiated charges of massive voter fraud. Must have been massive fraud, indeed, since President-Elect Biden won a lopsided victory: roughly the same electoral-vote margin as Trump’s in 2016 (which he declared a landslide), and over 7 MILLION MORE popular votes than Trump – who received nearly 3 million LESS than Hillary Clinton.

Fact vs. Fiction: GA Senate Run-Offs

Georgians, before you vote, turn off the TV ads and talk radio, take a breather from your Facebook and Twitter feeds - and get the facts without the fluff. Then PLEASE make a voting plan and vote on (or before) January 5.  Early Voting continues through January 1. Our country is depending on you.

Jon Ossoff’s Political Priorities?

With control of the Senate at stake, no surprise both Democrats and Republicans are deploying expansive ground games and hundreds of millions of dollars for ads supporting their candidates – while engaging in some good old-fashioned fear-mongering. For example, Ossoff’s opponent in the upcoming Georgia U.S. Senate run-off, Incumbent Senator David Perdue (R) claims Ossoff (D) is a socialist. That charge earns a “pants on fire rating” from Politifact (meaning it’s clearly a lie).

Raphael Warnock’s Political Priorities

Despite Loeffler’s best efforts to demonize Warnock and curry favor with coveted suburban women voters, it would be a mistake to dismiss his chances to win – especially with Loeffler facing allegations regarding her ethics. Georgia voters, make a plan and vote on (or before) January 5. Our country is depending on you.

Kelly Loeffler’s Political Priorities?

There is a lot at stake in the January 5th runoff elections for Georgia’s two senate seats. No surprise, both sides are launching expansive ground games and spending hundreds of millions of dollars on these campaigns. Incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler alone is reportedly spending $20 million of her own money.
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