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Thankful for Past, Edgy for Our Future

Will we someday give thanks we had leaders such as Trump, Nunes, Jordan, Gardner and Graham to inspire us?  Will they compare favorably with historic figures like Washington?  If these are the best and brightest one of our major political parties can come up with, I’m not optimistic about our future. But I am thankful for one more thing:  history is written by historians, not opportunistic politicians.

The Thrill of Victory, Agony of Defeat

Most of us accept that we’ll finish with thrills or agony, whenever engaging in competition: sports, spelling bees – and political campaigns. Somebody wins, somebody loses. We try to be gracious, win or lose. We value sportsmanship, agreeing character is important. We teach our kids, “don’t be sore losers”.

Where’s the Beef?!

So Trump and Company, where’s the beef? Your accusations impugn election workers (many volunteers), who worked tirelessly, counting votes accurately. And bravely – some received death threats from your fanatical followers.

I Know Nothing! Days Later, Still Don’t

In the meantime, let’s all take a deep breath, remain vigilant but patient, let our imperfect but well-intentioned system do its work – and TRY to remember we’re all Americans, needing to unite when this is over, respect each other, and work together (hopefully with leadership inspiring us to do that). As our politicians typically end their speeches, “May God bless America”. It seems we need that now, more than ever.

Final Facts (& a Fantasy) to Consider

Trump’s worshipers would follow him off a cliff. If he had told them to wear masks, they would have. Imagine where we’d be now, instead of where we are – with cases increasing in almost every state, as we head into winter (when people spend more time indoors) and flu season. With more bitter division than this Moderate has seen in his lifetime. Moderates, do we want four more years of that? Or new leadership uniting us to overcome our challenges TOGETHER? Think carefully about that, and if you haven’t already – VOTE.
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