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Will DREAMers’ Dreams Finally Come True?

Given what Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor characterized as “the president’s history of vicious and racist comments about immigrants” in her scathing concurrence on the DACA ruling, it is unlikely we’ll see any constructive movement on immigration during the Trump Administration. But we Moderates have the power to change that in November. VOTE!

Three Did Not Speak Up – But Three Did

Moderates who believe in our democracy, in our honorable military leaders, and in the principle of protecting the common good, rather than the political whims of the commander in chief – better follow their lead. Speak up, act, do the right thing. And VOTE.

Trump Photo-Op Co-Opts Constitution

Questions Requiring Answers: Conservatives, you have long demanded more LOCAL control and LESS-powerful federal government. Where are your voices now? Moderates (and all Americans), is it acceptable for a president to use troops to deny peaceful protesters their First-Amendment Rights? This is serious stuff, Folks.
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