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Troubled By Trust For Trump

Most Americans breathed a sigh of relief on January 20, when President-Elect Biden took the oath of office, becoming President Biden.

Seemed like the 2020 presidential campaign lasted forever. It did last four years, with former President Trump announcing his re-election campaign immediately after his 2016 election. When Democrats started jockeying for their party’s nomination, two full years of campaigning began.

After the bitter, divisive campaign ended, it seemed forever until Inauguration Day. Especially after January 6th, when a Trump-enraged mob, believing baseless accusations of a stolen election, stormed the U.S. Capitol. Five died, including Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, who fought valiantly to protect it. Sadly, two more officers, shaken by what they witnessed, committed suicide afterward.

This insurrection shocked America, confirming what most Moderates knew: some politicians, especially Trump and enablers, deeply divided America – for their own gain.

The tiny silver lining behind the ominous cloud: the attack reminded Americans our democracy is fragile – and we ALL must defend it.

Moderates remain apprehensive. We were relieved when Biden was peacefully sworn in – but still feel uneasy.

Why? While worrying about other possible attacks, many are also incredulous so many believed Trump’s lies and voted for him: 74 million (a record number, surpassed only by Biden’s 81 million). And how many still support him – even after inciting a deadly riot.

Supporters have long dismissed criticism, ridiculing it as Trump Derangement Syndrome. Since 2016, they’ve relegated it to Democrats hating Republicans and whining because their candidate (Hillary Clinton) lost. But there’s more to it than that.

Attempting to bridge the chasm between us, TMM addresses Trump supporters, explaining why we could NOT support him and were dumbfounded you did (and still do). We’ll skip the most obvious reason – provoking rioters – since Trump’s historic SECOND impeachment trial will thoroughly dissect it.

Here are some other reasons:

  • Trump is a compulsive liar, with over 25,000 documented lies, falsehoods, and misrepresentations while president. Not “little white lies” like most politicians (and people) occasionally tell; his viciously attacked opponents. His unsubstantiated claim, for example, former President Obama wasn’t an American citizen. We’re shocked you condone his lying. Doesn’t honesty matter?

  • He’s a mean-spirited, cruel politician. 2016 Democratic opponent Clinton was never charged with crimes, much less convicted; yet Trump led “Lock Her Up” rally chants. Those chants were later directed at REPUBLICANS (GA Governor Brian Kemp and SOS Brad Raffensperger, for example) who refused to support his baseless claims the election was stolen. His hateful, take-no-prisoners style finally triggered an attack on our Capitol. As TMM recently asked Trump supporters, “Proud of That?”

  • Trump repeatedly intimidated the media. While we all distrust some outlets, the media collectively performs essential functions: reporting politicians’ actions (and motivations), so citizens know what they’re doing – and why. In dictatorial style, Trump convinced followers only he could be trusted. Dangerous, since Trump could claim anything, make up anything, promote anything (like conspiracy theories), and followers believed him. Do you want our free press overruled by an authoritarian?

  • A Manhattan celebrity for decades, Trump earned a playboy reputation. Now in his third marriage, he was allegedly unfaithful in all three, paying hush-money to mistresses. His recorded boast about women – that when you’re famous, you can “grab ‘em by the p***y”, revealed shameful behaviors. Is that attitude acceptable?
  • Supporters claim wealthy, privileged Trump, with a beautiful (3rd) wife, could have enjoyed a life of luxury – entering politics only because he loves Americans. We see different motivations: a narcissist, he craves power and attention more than leisure. Seemed obvious he played you like pawns to gain them; your fanatical loyalty earned him “high ratings” he craved. Did you really think a rich, egomaniacal celebrity-turned-politician related to your everyday challenges – and cared about them?
  • His biggest accomplishment, booming economy and low unemployment, was achieved by borrowing boatloads of money from future generations for tax cuts – mostly benefitting corporations and the wealthy. The U.S. deficit increased by $7.7 TRILLION under Trump. Do you feel good burdening our kids and grandkids with huge debts, to save a few dollars on your taxes?

  • Trump’s climate-change denial, and rollbacks of environmental regulations attempting to prevent it, also endangered future (and current) generations. Increasing numbers and intensities of Western wildfires, Eastern hurricanes, and Southern/Midwestern tornadoes, foretell increasing danger – fueled by climate change. Was it wise denying that for four years, making it harder to eventually control?

There are other reasons, but you get the point (hopefully). Moderates, add yours in Comments below.

Some supporters say they recognized Trump’s shortcomings, but supported him anyway, because they favored his results (like conservative judges). Stuns the rest of us – like saying the guy down the street is a child molester; but he gives us nice gifts, so we ignore that.

It’s hard to accept that someone you supported betrayed your trust. But we believe he betrayed you – and our country. Unlike Trump’s accusations, we base ours on evidence.



Images: Google Images

Trump and flags: People’s World

Biden inauguration: WFLA

Sicknick: Twitter

Trump and Clinton: NBC News

Lock Her Up sign: Newcastle Star

Trump supporters: Newsweek

Bush, Trump and woman: YouTube

Trump and coal sign: CNN

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