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Consider What 2nd-Term Trump Might Do

Besides considering what Trump has done in his first term, Moderates, let’s ponder what he and loyal acolytes might do in a second.

Speculation about that follows. Unlike Trump and conspiracy-pushers with their theories, TMM states categorically these are fictional. But the past four years proved almost anything’s possible, and we’ll link some scenarios to TRUE facts (not “ALTERNATIVE facts”).

So this is political fiction. But in Trump’s COVID economy, we’ve gotta’ make a living somehow; so we’re auditioning as fiction writers.

Contemplate Trump’s first-term surprises – even knowing he’d face voters again. Without that speed-bump in a second term, he’d feel free to pursue political AND business interests, domestically and abroad.

In 2019, Trump became the third U.S. president ever impeached (TRUE). The GOP-controlled Senate acquitted him, without even considering evidence (TRUE). Emboldened, Trump realized he could do whatever he chose – eventually appointing (and pressuring the Senate to confirm) a Supreme Court Justice within WEEKS of an election (TRUE).

After re-election, Trump feels MORE empowered – no matter laws, traditions, or codes of conduct.


Trump Throws Out Rule Book

Trump thinks rules shouldn’t apply to HIM, so he often bullies the GOP-controlled Congress to change them (if Trump wins, Republicans could also gain control of the House and likely retain the Senate).

He demands Congress overturn the 22nd Amendment – allowing him to serve more than two terms. Since that prospect is terrifying, however, let’s just pray cowering Republicans grow enough backbone to oppose it.


Coronavirus Task Force Disbanded

Trump disbands the Coronavirus Task Force; they dared to disagree with him. He blames timid VP Pence, since he didn’t fire Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx when they told the truth.

America’s COVID death toll reaches 500,000 (with highest rates where Trump held unmasked rallies). Pressed about deaths, he repeats his earlier conclusion “it is what it is” (TRUE).


Trump Gets Down to Business…Again

Trump pursues lucrative business opportunities, including his new hotel in Washington, built after deals allowing him to lease and remodel a government-owned building (TRUE). He classifies it “affordable workforce housing”, filling it with federal employees; his family makes millions.


Trump-Putin Lovefest Continues

Trump and Vladimir Putin make secret deals, enriching both. Trump Hotels appear all over Russia; Putin (given kickbacks) closes competing hotels. Trump pledges his Justice Department won’t block Russian meddling in future U.S. elections – IF they meddle for Trump-endorsed candidates.


Trump Wins Space Race

After establishing the U.S. Space Force (TRUE), Trump packs leadership with family and supporters. No way? His appointed Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, never worked for the Postal Service; he was a Trump donor and fundraiser (TRUE).

Trump appoints son-in-law Jared Kushner to lead Space Force. With a proposed $15 billion 2021 budget (TRUE), Kushner pushes development of satellites capable of destroying competitors’ satellites. A space arms-race ensues, scaring the world like the nuclear arms-race once did.

Trump companies deploy communications satellites. After destroying some competitor satellites, they dominate space communications, making huge profits. Other countries protest; but with unlimited federal-government borrowing power funneling money their way, Trump companies outspend everybody, defending their dominance.


Here Comes the Judge

Trump, with Senate backing, continues packing federal courts with right-wing judges (TRUE), essentially converting the judiciary into an ultra-conservative subsidiary. Results include:

  • 20 million Americans uninsured after Affordable Care Act eliminated; insurance unaffordable for those with pre-existing conditions, since insurers aren’t required to insure them.
  • Women lose right to choose safe, legal abortions, after Roe v. Wade overturned.
  • Americans wrongfully killed or injured (and their loved ones) lose rights to recover financially; malpractice lawsuits against negligent doctors and companies banned.


Welcome to the Wild West

The NRA, demanding payback for supporting Trump (TRUE), achieves ultimate goals: NO restrictions on gun-buying (and -carrying), NO background checks for any purchases. Shoot-outs erupt everywhere; Trump and shrinking GOP insist “guns don’t kill people, people do”.


All in the Family

Deciding not to challenge the 22nd Amendment (he wants to play more golf), Trump determines he’ll choose his successor. Preferring a family member he can control, Trump lays the groundwork, appointing several to top government jobs:

Trump commands loyal Attorney General Barr to investigate baseless treason allegations against Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Barr fails to gain indictments (much less convictions); Trump fires him.

Don, Junior, playing tough-guy, takes Barr’s former role. As AG, Junior orders surveillance of Democrats, the media and Trump critics (already smeared as Socialists and traitors). Republican enablers don’t question its constitutionality.


Junior’s girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle (TRUE), becomes Press Secretary, after FLOTUS Melania worries Kayleigh MacEnany tempts Donald’s penchant for extramarital affairs. Guilfoyle ends press conferences like her speech at the GOP convention (TRUE), shrieking “THE BEST IS YET TO COME”.




Eric takes Treasury Secretary (he once took an accounting class). When the budget deficit explodes, after Trump eliminates all business and income taxes for the wealthy, Eric and GOP lapdogs dismantle the watchdog Congressional Government Accountability Office (GAO). With nobody auditing spending, only Trump insiders know where billions go.

Melania, jealous of stepdaughter Ivanka’s ambitions to be first female president, demands the Interior Secretary’s job, pledging to “Be Best”. She resigns after learning it’s not the same as Interior DECORATOR.


Welcome to the Swamp: Part 2

Trump establishes the Ministry of Truth, appointing Rudy Giuliani as Minister. Giuliani’s 2018 quote “Truth Isn’t Truth”, becomes its motto. Giuliani charges political foes, like House Minority Leader (after Republicans gain control) Pelosi and Representative Schiff, who led impeachment efforts, with slander. Mobs outside chant “Lock ‘em up!

Trump continues “draining the swamp” while corruption flourishes. But with the media weakened, the Justice Department under Junior’s control, and GOP legislators cringing in fear of Trump, none is investigated or reported. Billions of taxpayer dollars go unaccounted. Middle- and working-class taxes are raised, and Social Security/Medicare benefits cut, to partly cover those losses; the rest is added to the exploding deficit. Trump boasts those tax increases are really tax cuts – since wealthy Americans’ taxes are indeed cut.


Moderates, don’t allow political fiction to become political fact. Visualize an emboldened, unleashed 2nd-term Trump – then VOTE accordingly.



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  1. Great writing but I don’t think it goes far enough. Imagine that no further stimulus is passed. The states not getting the funding they need. They would need to cut 20% of the state workforce. Police departments, fire departments, schools, hospitals all run by the states. This would throw a good portion of the middle class into unemployment with some states hit harder than others. The ripple effect of people not being able to pay their mortgages, car payments, etc. More of an income gap shift. And if states are left to go bankrupt with more families thrown into poverty, the housing market will crash. Cheap real estate for the Trumps!! Right now, we are setup for a crash worse than the 2008/2009 crash. I could see Trump and his business/banking buddies or even foreign allies making millions off the crash. Then the fed would need to bailout the banks again, bail out insurance companies, while pensions dry up & retirement funds disappear. I truly believe he’s that evil to profit off the pain of the country or that he would set the stage for this type of event. This might seem extreme but I wouldn’t put it past this crooked president. I’ve already voted for Biden and pray everyday that he wins in a landslide victory, nationally.

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