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What You See Is What You Get! Like…


 If you knew which TV classic that line came from, you might be a Boomer – and you might decide this election. Answer below* (+ bonus questions).

What scientists SEE is what we GET: provable, measurable, verifiable knowledge, attained by established methods.

We also get improvements, based on scientific discoveries, in medicine (including vaccines), technology, and quality of life.

What should scientists get from us? RESPECT (for their education and dedication) and appreciation their conclusions are based on facts – not political ideology.

Let’s compare President Trump and VP Biden, using our Moderate Leadership Test (MLT), on RESPECT FOR SCIENCE.

We base our scores on research. Please share YOUR scores in Comments section.

See previous posts regarding candidates’ scores on other Moderate Basic Beliefs (Bipartisanship, Moderation) and Vital Values (RespectHonestyCompassion, Nonviolence).

TMM’s eighth Basic Belief: Science is scientific. Defined as “dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged”, science is based on provable, logical knowledge.

MLT criteria:

Have candidates manifested respect for science and scientists? Shown willingness to accept science, even if inconvenient or challenging?



Two recent statements, by Press Secretary Kayleigh MacEnany and Trump himself, summarize his Administration’s attitude toward science (and Biden’s). MacEnany, asked about schools reopening, said: “The president has said unmistakably he wants schools to open… The science should not stand in the way of this.”


She added it was “perfectly safe” to fully reopen classrooms.




That contradicted Israel’s (and some of America’s) experience: after fully reopening schools, they had to shut them down in two weeks, after hundreds of students and employees tested positive for COVID.

Recently, Trump said Biden, if elected, would “listen to the scientists” and “listen to Dr. Fauci” regarding Coronavirus. Biden responded: “That’s not an attack, that’s a badge of honor”.

Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is a public-health leader serving in six administrations (Democratic and Republican). He is trusted more than Trump regarding COVID by Americans, by 51 to 31 percent.

Trump resorted to name-calling, insulting Fauci as “a disaster”, those sharing COVID concerns “idiots”, and CNN “dumb bastards” for reporting those concerns.

Trump claims Fauci cannot be trusted because he changed his mind about mask-wearing early in the pandemic. Trump apparently doesn’t understand scientific views evolve and change, based on new findings.

If Trump held himself to those same standards politically, we shouldn’t trust HIM. Trump registered as a Republican in 1987, switched to the Reform Party in 1999, the Democratic Party in 2001, then back to the GOP in 2009.

Trump claims we’ve “rounded the corner” on COVID – while more than 8 MILLION Americans have been infected; over 220,000 have DIED; 60,000 new cases are diagnosed DAILY; and cases are still INCREASING in most states. Many died needlessly, due to Trump’s undermining scientists’ recommendations to wear masks, avoid crowds, and socially distance. Trump still holds large rallies with unmasked, undistanced crowds, evidently unconcerned about supporters’ safety.

TMM recently reported on Trump ignoring scientists’ recommendations regarding climate change, including his planned American withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord.

Trump insists lengthening western U.S. wildfire seasons are not intensified by climate change; disregards worsening hurricane seasons; and promotes anti-vaccine sentiments – while promising a COVID vaccine.


With his anti-science, anti-medicine history, Trump deserves this score:  F



Probably the biggest difference between Biden and Trump is their pandemic approaches. Biden trusts scientists and experts, heeding their advice – including mask-wearing, which Trump ridicules.

Biden formed a “top-notch public health advisory committee with scientists, doctors and former government officials such as… former FDA Commissioner David Kessler and former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy” to help him devise a Coronavirus plan.

As TMM recently reported, Biden trusts scientists on climate change. A vast majority believe climate change is real, accelerating, and largely caused by humans.

Biden said remaining in the Paris agreement is “the best way to protect our children and global leadership”.


Biden earned his Moderate stripes, partly, by NOT supporting the Green New Deal – despite Trump’s inaccurate accusations. He HAS proposed spending $1.7 trillion on science-based, sustainable energy technologies.


Another false Trump charge: Biden will ban fracking. Since scientists disagree on fracking’s harmful effects, Biden supports ongoing research while fracking continues. Unlike Trump, Biden has proposed banning new drilling on public lands, such as national parks and forests – but not fracking.

After son Beau’s death from cancer, Biden confronted that dreaded disease. President Obama appointed him to lead the Cancer MoonShot (since renamed Cancer Breakthroughs), “a coalition… of multinational pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies, academic centers and oncologists… with the goal of finding vaccine-based immunotherapies against cancer.”

The respected journal Nature concluded: “We cannot stand by and let science be undermined. Joe Biden’s trust in truth, evidence, science and democracy make him the only choice in the US election.”

Biden’s history of supporting science, and high marks from scientists and environmentalists, earn this score: A


Moderates, to ensure scientists SEE your respect, and we GET new leadership we desperately need – VOTE.


* Answer:

The Flip Wilson Show (NBC; 1970 – 1974)

Bonus Points:

Which character often spoke that line?

What other memorable catchphrases did she repeat?

What other memorable character did Wilson play, and what did he do?


Geraldine Jones (played by Wilson, wearing women’s clothing)

“The devil made me do it”; “don’t you touch me, Honey, you don’t know me that well”; and “you devil, you!”

Reverend Leroy; Minister of the Church of What’s Happening Now.


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