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Climate Change: Platitudes or Plans?

Climate change has been blamed for many natural disasters recently, such as wildfires, droughts and hurricanes; but how do we address it? To wrap our minds around that, consider this:

Carbon dioxide, a major contributor to climate change, survives 100 – 200 years in the atmosphere. We humans have become proficient at pumping it from underground (where much of it naturally accumulates) into the atmosphere.  This RAPID RATE of atmospheric build-up has never been experienced before, and nature cannot adapt quickly enough.

But there is good news:  Clean energy (which reduces carbon dioxide emissions) is getting cheaper, faster.  Much of the clean energy industry is based in the U.S.; and related infrastructure  has created many secure jobs – and will create many more.  And if those jobs rebuild our middle class, that would, for lack of a better word, make America “great”.


Sloganeering aside, former VP Joe Biden’s Energy Plan will actually make our country greater than President Trump’s, for many reasons. Here’s some:






This sector of our energy production, generating about one-fourth of our greenhouse gases, is de-carbonizing itself – but needs help doing that. Large utilities are voluntarily committing to “Net Zero” carbon goals. Biden’s plan levels the playing field, so clean energy can compete with highly-subsidized fossil fuel sources.




Another one-fourth of greenhouse gases originates from transportation sources. Electric vehicles greatly reduce emission of those gases. The Biden plan accelerates build-out of electric vehicle charging stations and manufacturing supply chains, creating many new jobs.



It is impossible to “off-shore” jobs making buildings more energy-efficient. Incentivizing energy-saving upgrades of 4 million buildings and 2 million homes will result in a tremendous “Virtual Stimulus” for companies and families, saving substantial money on power bills. Biden’s plan will also spur construction of 1.5 million sustainable new homes.




One of America’s strengths has been a strong middle class, built in the 20th Century with job security, livable wages, pensions and health care. The Biden plan allows workers to join unions and collectively bargain to protect those benefits.




Historically, America has united in response to World Wars and a deep Depression, and we can do it again. We will do it with scientific, engineering, business and governmental leadership; public policies encouraging and stimulating clean energy markets; and strong protections for workers’ futures. Sustainable energy technologies are evolving, but effective partnerships between government, business and labor can accelerate our ability to face climate change challenges.

Platitudes about greatness don’t mean much without effective leadership. Trump, a businessman-turned-president famous for building things, has been so distracted for four years that he hasn’t even tried to pass an infrastructure improvement bill – one of the most popular, bipartisan things Congress does. Since he didn’t do that when his Republican Party controlled the House & Senate (2016-2018) or at least the Senate (2018-2020), it is clear he just can’t focus long enough to get the job done.

America has always been able to “be best” (to borrow another platitude) when it didn’t brag about past achievements, but got busy solving today’s problems. Not calling itself exceptional, but making exceptional efforts to protect our children’s future.



It is time to trust former VP Joe Biden, who helped President Obama lead America’s recovery from the Great Recession in 2009, ensuring our automobile industry’s survival. His plan will lead us to sustainable energy solutions, helping us confront climate change. Biden knows how to get this done, working across the aisle to gain bipartisan Congressional support for this critical effort – at a time we must act.


Let’s elect Joe Biden president and Kamala Harris vice-president – and courageously confront the climate challenges we now face. VOTE.





The Modern Moderate is proud to welcome Sam Davidson as a Guest Blogger.


Sam Davidson is a real estate investor, retired lawyer and gentleman farmer. A lifelong Southerner, devoted father and husband, he believes we can all live in peace and harmony (eating peas & hominy).

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