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Your Mission, Should You Decide to Accept It: Comparing Candidates

Part Two – Basic Beliefs

If you knew that line came from the TV classic Mission Impossible and remember the original version (1966 – 1973), you might be a Baby Boomer – and you MIGHT decide this election.

Last week, TMM’s Moderate Leadership Test (MLT) suggested candidates’ Vital Values help evaluate their character – asserting that’s as important as their positions on issues (if not more).

MLT also compares candidates’ Basic Beliefs, so Moderates can decide which candidates’ align with theirs. Difficult, since BASIC beliefs (those guiding their thoughts and decisions) aren’t publicized.

But because Moderates feel those beliefs (and Vital Values) are important, TMM devised MLT based on them.

Upcoming posts will compare presidential candidates’ differences – based on verifiable evidence, not subjective opinion. An imperfect attempt, but hopefully helpful as Moderates decide which candidate earns their vote. MLT can also be used with candidates in other elections.

In 2018, TMM attempted to define Moderates’ Basic Beliefs (short versions; see original post for full explanations). MLT employs them in comparing candidates.

Basic Beliefs:

  • America is, and always has been, great… because Americans… from different parties, backgrounds, and faiths, worked TOGETHER to make her great – and keep her that way.

MLT: Have candidates shown pride in America, no matter which party is in power? Demonstrated willingness to work with all fellow Americans to keep her great?

  • Solutions to political challenges… will be found in the MIDDLE, not the extremes of Left or Right. Therefore, compromise is not a dirty word…

MLT: Have candidates sought solutions in the political middle, not in the extremes? Compromised with the opposing party in forging agreements both can accept?

  • Fellow Americans holding different beliefs should NOT be demonized or attacked… we should welcome honest, informed debate on issues.

MLT: Have candidates displayed respect for opponents and their positions? Debated opponents emphasizing facts, not personal attacks?

  • The media is NOT “the enemy of the people”. Freedom of the press is a U.S. cornerstone.

MLT: Have candidates supported freedom of the press, and its right to report the news unimpeded?

  • Neither major political party is above reproach, sadly; and both have helped create the stalemate that paralyzes our country, unable to resolve the vexing issues we face.

MLT: Have candidates bucked their party sometimes? Exhibited willingness to work with opposing party seeking compromise solutions?

  • The belief that “government is the problem” is inaccurate. “The government” is mostly fellow Americans trying to HELP us… They don’t deserve scorn from politicians scapegoating them to score political points.

MLT: Do candidates believe government, properly managed and transparent, plays an important role as mediator of ALL Americans’ interests? Supported adequate resources to successfully fulfill that duty?

  • Following laws, rules and regulations are necessary concessions we make in a civilized society. Those concessions represent our collective desire to be safe, healthy, and fair…

MLT: Do candidates support reasonable laws and regulations to protect ALL Americans? Acknowledge they’re important in keeping our country safe, healthy, and fair?

  • Science is scientific. Defined as “dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged”, science is based on provable knowledge.

MLT: Have candidates manifested respect for science and scientists? Shown willingness to accept science, even if inconvenient or challenging?

If candidates’ Basic Beliefs are important to you, compare them using this test. Then allow that comparison to help determine your vote. In future posts, we’ll offer our scores; for now, please post yours in Comments.

In early Mission Impossible episodes (when tape was used for recording), the mysterious voice would say, “this tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds. Good luck.”

Lately, it seems our beloved country could self-destruct, and luck is our only hope – unless we choose the right President to lead us. Choose wisely, Moderates. Then VOTE.



Images:  Google Images

Mission Impossible logo: InstrumentalFx

American Flags: depositphotos

Statue of Liberty: History News Network


Smoking tape (Mission Impossible): VHiStory –



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