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Welcome to the USA: The United States of Anarchy – Part One

Our beloved country approaches the edge of the abyss, where anarchy – not social norms, traditional institutions or government as arbiter of all Americans’ interests – reigns. Led by the Anarchist in Chief, President Trump, all norms are rejected, all institutions are disrespected, and all forms of government are condemned – except his and other Republican-led administrations, of course.

Trump and followers promised they would shake things up – and they certainly have. Some examples:

  • Scientists are no longer trusted.

The vast majority of scientists agree climate change is real, caused by humans, and must be addressed. But that truth is inconvenient for Trump (who called it “a Chinese hoax”), his Cabinet and Republican allies, backed by big business – more concerned about profits than the health of our people and planet. Trump withdrew America from the Paris Agreement on climate; we are now the ONLY nation not part of it. As TMM stated in 2018, respect for science is a fundamental Moderate belief.

  • Health officials’ recommendations are no longer followed.

During the Coronavirus pandemic (until recently, when it worsened), Trump, VP Pence, other administration officials, and Republican leaders steadfastly refused to wear masks, Republican governors refused to delay their states’ reopenings, and thousands of Americans followed their lead, refusing to stay home or socially distance – even though warned repeatedly by Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts. Consequently, the virus is rebounding, with cases increasing dramatically in most states.

Trump with Dr. Deborah Birx (Coronavirus Response Coordinator) and Dr. Anthony Fauci (Member, White House Coronavirus Task Force)

  • Law enforcement and intelligence agencies, like the FBI and CIA, are no longer admired.

Trump repeats (and retweets) conspiracy theories about the “Deep State”, an alleged cadre of government insiders bent on controlling America from within. While little, if any, evidence exists confirming its existence, it’s a whipping-boy for Trump – using it to instill distrust for the FBI, CIA and other agencies among his followers. Then he discredits anything negative they say or investigate regarding him.

  • The media is no longer respected, the truth no longer believed.

Trump has long railed against “Fake News” (any news critical of him) and the media, encouraging crowds at his rallies to threaten them.

But “the media” is not monolithic, consisting of left-leaning AND right-leaning organizations, reporting news as they see fit. Trump’s insistence they cannot be believed is straight out of dictators’ playbooks – insisting only HE can be believed, not the free press.

Freedom of the press is the FIRST amendment to our Constitution, for a reason. Government-controlled media (think China, Russia, North Korea) controls thought and dialogue by NOT telling people the truth.

Trump’s documented fabrications and falsehoods since becoming president total over 19,000 (more than 15 per day), according to the Washington Post’s respected Fact-Checker.

TMM observed, early on, “the media is NOT ‘the enemy of the people’”, as Trump called it.

    • Right-wing conspiracy theories ARE believed, no matter how unproven or unhinged. Some examples:
  1. Trump retweets conspiracy theories, including a debunked one claiming Joe Scarborough (co-host of MSNBC’s The Morning Joe and Trump critic), while serving in Congress, supposedly killed an aide. She died from a heart condition causing her to faint and fall. She was in Florida when she died; Scarborough was in Washington. There was NO evidence of foul play.
  2. A leading Republican candidate for Congress in Missouri has pushed conspiracy theories that George Floyd is still alive (or died in 2016), and video of his killing recently was staged. Her video circulated among right-wing Twitter accounts and received 100,000 views.
  3. Six nominated Republican congressional candidates have supported the “QAnon” conspiracy theory. According to the Washington Post, “the essence… is that there is a worldwide cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles who rule the world, essentially… and they would have continued ruling the world, were it not for the election of President Donald Trump”.

The cabal allegedly includes “Democratic politicians, liberal celebrities and the ‘Deep State’” (sound familiar?). Also, “believers view Trump as savior of not just the country, but humankind.”

Think QAnon is so obscure we need not worry about it? Think again. Trump has quote-tweeted or retweeted QAnon followers 136 times, invited leading believers to the White House, and released ads showing QAnon signs. Many are displayed at his rallies:

Trump set a dangerous precedent by embracing conspiracy theories. His cult-like followers are simply following his lead.

Moderates, do we want an Anarchist in Chief leading us – or a more traditional Commander in Chief? You decide – especially in November. VOTE.





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