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Wanted – Sane, Sensible Political Party: Part One, Those Democrats

Democrats began their quest to retake the White House from their least-favorite Republican President by forming their customary circular firing squad – shooting each other down, rather than their opponent.

Former Vice-President and Senator Joe Biden, who hasn’t officially announced he’s running, was accused by two women (possibly more) of behavior that made them feel “uncomfortable”. He – AND they – believed it was affectionate, not sexual or threatening. One is a supporter of Bernie Sanders, a Biden rival for the Democratic nomination.

In today’s highly-charged atmosphere, some interpreted Biden’s actions as “creepy”. Regarding physically touching people, the pendulum (pushed by the Me Too movement) has swung far from where it was during his lengthy political career, when he was known as a “hands-on politician”.

Let’s be clear: the pendulum (in politics, business, everywhere) NEEDED to be pushed. Women have the right to their personal space, like everybody else, and they alone should control that space. But not long ago, the line between friendliness and infringement on space wasn’t as clear.

Yet some Democrats are trying to hound Biden out of running, simply because he’s been too physical in his displays of affection; and he voted or spoke in ways, years ago, not compatible with current sensibilities.

Who’s laughing all the way to the bank (more accurately, back to the White House)? Donald Trump. He was recorded saying as a celebrity, he could “grab (women) by the p***y” and get away with it. He allegedly paid hush money to a Playmate and porn star to cover up sexual affairs with them. He allegedly had an affair with the woman who became his third wife, while still married to his second. He’s been accused of sexual ASSAULT by numerous women.

Even with that history, he was nominated by the Republican Party to be President, and he was elected – with votes from millions of WOMEN, who apparently believed it didn’t disqualify him.

Yet Democrats’ obsession with political correctness, making sure NO candidate has EVER said or done ANYTHING making ANYBODY uncomfortable, could shove Biden out of the race (and possibly other candidates?).

Biden’s ability to relate to working-class voters makes him, arguably, Democrats’ best candidate to challenge Trump in blue-collar districts in swing states like Michigan and Wisconsin – the ones that switched from Obama to Trump in 2016, ensuring his victory. Democrats need their votes to defeat Trump in 2020.

But can they forgive Biden for his boorish behavior, especially since the women making these accusations agree he wasn’t forceful or sexual with them?

They’d better, since their political-correctness obsession turns off many working- and middle-class voters who no longer relate to them – or believe them.

Can Democrats unite behind a candidate who’s not perfect – but one who can defeat Trump in a hard-fought campaign?

Trump himself said “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters”.

Meanwhile, Democrats seem determined to form their circular firing squad, shoot each other – and lose LOTS of voters.



NOTE:  With this post, TMM begins a series on the foibles of BOTH major political parties. Moderates believe we need TWO sane, sensible parties to counterbalance each other and find compromise solutions to serious challenges America faces.

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