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Dem Dilem*: Would an Angry Old Socialist** Lose to an Angry Old Autocrat***?

Democrats are desperate to defeat Donald Trump (the Autocrat); but their current leading candidate, Bernie Sanders, is a Socialist. Many believe defeating Trump, panderer to his far-right base, requires a nominee appealing to Independents, suburban women, and Moderates, weary of Trump’s erratic behavior, vindictive ego, and endless power grabs (the other “P-Grabs” he enjoys).

Two-Faced Politicians Two-Time Our Constitution

With smoke and mirrors employed by both sides in this bitter impeachment debate, deciding who to believe is difficult. But one thing is clear: if Barack Obama’s actions had remotely resembled Trump’s (including coddling dictator Kim), Republicans now defending Trump would have SCREAMED for Obama’s impeachment. What if Obama had:
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