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The Gun Battle, Part Two: Have We Seen This Movie Before?

After two mass shootings (commonly defined as “acts of violence, excluding gang shootings, domestic violence, or terrorist acts sponsored by organizations, in which a shooter kills at least four victims”) within 13 hours, will anything change? With Dayton and El Paso grieving their combined 32 dead, will politicians piously pledge to “remember them in our thoughts and prayers”? Or DO something to confront gun violence plaguing America?

The Gun Battle, Part One: America, We Have a Problem

Regarding guns, can Americans agree on anything? Can we agree we live in an unprecedented era, with more mass shootings* in America than ever before? Sadly, we have more mass shootings than any other country. Worldwide, nearly one-third of them between 1966 and 2012 occurred here. In 2015, we averaged one PER DAY. So far this year, we’ve suffered over 150 of them.
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